ERROR - > undefined reference to cocos2d::CCUserDefault::setIntegerForKey(char const*,int)

ERROR - > undefined reference to cocos2d::CCUserDefault::setIntegerForKey(char const*,int)
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hi all.
I am getting errors related to CCUserDefault when using cocos2d-x and marmalade on mac. but otherwise code is working fine when marmalade is not used.
wherever i used CCUserDefault , i m getting errors “undefined reference to cocos2d::CCUserDefault::setIntegerForKey(char const*,int)”

the way i used CCUserDefault is -

 void Settings::setCurrentLanguage(int lang)

Any help will be appreciated.


Please check cocos2x/support/CCUserDefault.cpp is added into your marmalade project.


Hi Wang,

After adding CCUserDefault.cpp in cocos2dx.mkf file in proj.airplay folder and CCUserDefault.cpp is added in my marmalade project.
but this file is dependent on libxml/parser.h and libxml.tree.h files . But these are missing. Compiler says no such file or folder. I didn’t file these files in cocos2d-x folder.


Well, i think cocos2d-x need to updated for marmalade. and parser.h and tree.h are files are there in cocos2d-x folder. i was wrong earlier. but i need to make changes in mkf file


Highly appreciated if you can pull the fixes to cocos2d-x github repo.
To be honest, I haven’t built marmalade port after airplaysdk renamed to marmalade, and require purchase to license… So sorry about that.