Error in CCSprite.cpp and CCTypes.h ?!!

Error in CCSprite.cpp and CCTypes.h ?!!
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I added this to my first game that I’m making:


And then suddenly I get a lot of errors :

Symbol ‘GL_ONE’ could not be resolved

The type ‘cocos2d::CCSprite’ must implement the inherited pure virtual method ‘cocos2d::CCRGBAProtocol::setOpacity’ CCSprite.cpp /Asteroids2/cocos2dx/sprite_nodes line 136 Code Analysis Problem

Not just these two, 10-20 like these two.
How the hell could the cocos2dx source files suddenly become erroneous?
Must be some environment setting thing. But I checked back with the in folder, and all the eclipse variables for C++ build etc are set, as instructed.

Could anyone tell me all the steps for their successful integration with Eclipse on Windows in which they’ve so far not gotten any errors by simply setting the color of their fonts?

This is heart breaking… I just wanted to set my font’s color…
My project did run quite a many times - so far I’ve added a sprite, and changed the “Hello World” in pLabel to “ASTEROIDS”.
It did run.

PS: I’m using Windows Vista SP1, Android Eclipse Studio (package from Android developer site), NDK r9, and Cocos2d-x v2.2.1
Here’s my HelloWorldScene .h and .cpp code: - .cpp - .h


I just had the same problem.
I looked all over the internet for a possible solution.
What finally helped me after 8 hours of painstakingly looking through thousands of tutorials - and this might just sound stupid - was simply restarting Eclipse.

I think, I’ll roll up in fetal position now and weep silently. Eight hours. So much frustration. And I just had to restart the IDE.


I just looked further into it and it seems that I need my android device connected while the IDE loads. I just set up a virtual device in the manager. That might probably help.


Actually, what solved the problem for me was:

In Eclipse, goto Windows->Preferences->C/C+±>Code Analsyis->Syntax and Semnatic Errors.

Untick the Syntax and Semantic Errors tree.


Disabling the syntax and semantic errors tree is not solution.We need to fix the problem.I am stuck at this point as well and looking for elegant way which actually fix the problem.