Error: Flag '-l' is not valid for 'update project'

Error: Flag '-l' is not valid for 'update project'
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version: cocos2d-x-2.1.5
create-android-project.bat indicates an error of:
Error: Flag ‘-l’ is not valid for ‘update project’

Not sure if the above is critical but if it is invalid, why is the flag in the script?

The resulting does execute correctly either under cygwin. That generates the following error:

$ ./
NDK_ROOT = /cygdrive/d/ANDROID/android-ndk-r8d
COCOS2DX_ROOT = /cygdrive/d/ANDROID/COCOS2D-X/cocos2d-x-2.1.5/spaceportfe/…/…
APP_ROOT = /cygdrive/d/ANDROID/COCOS2D-X/cocos2d-x-2.1.5/spaceportfe/…
APP_ANDROID_ROOT = /cygdrive/d/ANDROID/COCOS2D-X/cocos2d-x-2.1.5/spaceportfe/
Using prebuilt externals
make: Entering directory `/cygdrive/d/ANDROID/COCOS2D-X/cocos2d-x-2.1.5/spaceportfe/’
Cygwin : Generating dependency file converter script
Compile++ thumb : game_shared <= main.cpp
In file included from D:/ANDROID/COCOS2D-X/cocos2d-x-2.1.5/spaceportfe/…/…/cocos2dx/base_nodes/CCNode.h:34:0,
from D:/ANDROID/COCOS2D-X/cocos2d-x-2.1.5/spaceportfe/…/…/cocos2dx/actions/CCActionInterval.h:30,
from D:/ANDROID/COCOS2D-X/cocos2d-x-2.1.5/spaceportfe/…/…/cocos2dx/include/cocos2d.h:41,
from jni/hellocpp/main.cpp:6:
D:/ANDROID/COCOS2D-X/cocos2d-x-2.1.5/spaceportfe/…/…/cocos2dx/platform/android/CCGL.h:40:31: fatal error: GLES2/gl2platform.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.
/cygdrive/d/ANDROID/android-ndk-r8d/build/core/ recipe for target `obj/local/armeabi/objs/game_shared/hellocpp/ main.o’ failed
make: * [obj/local/armeabi/objs/game_shared/hellocpp/main.o] Error 1
make: Leaving directory `/cygdrive/d/ANDROID/COCOS2D-X/cocos2d-x-2.1.5/spaceportfe/’

I’m not expert with these scripts, but it appears that GLES2 is not defined. I am also using NDK R8. I had no problems with cocos 1.0.1.

Any help would be appreciated.


here , same problem here . You just need to create new cocos2d-x project , then copy all the code and res to that . SOLVED . I think the problems is not by us or Cocos team , just some things go wrong when we delete somethings in project director .