empty classes folder in project


So when I import the project into eclipse,the classes folder is empty. If I change it’s name and link it,I get multiple errors with “can’t find headers”

what can i do?


Did you want to use Eclipse to develop cpp codes?
What’s the steps you did?


Ok, here’s how I solved it. Deleted all the empty folders that should’ve been filled(Classes,cocos2d,scripting extensions)

I went to the project properties,source,and I added all of the above folders as linked folders. I then included the cocos2dx include folder and that was it.

It’s a little bit weird since the first project I created,well… it did not require me to do this,but as long as it works,it’s fine.


I have the same problem with Classes folder - http://cocos2d-x.org/forums/6/topics/46769

but I can not run Classes files - I made changes in “HelloWorldScene.cpp” but nothing happens when I run it.