Effekseer - Particle effect editor for Cocos2d-x

Effekseer - Particle effect editor for Cocos2d-x


Hello! I checked your project and found that samples are outdated (cocos2d::Layer is deperaced).
Could you rewrite them, please?
Thank you.


cocos2d::Layer is deprecated? since when?


Example: https://github.com/cocos2d/cocos2d-x/issues/16941.


Hey @Effekseer, could you please add some basic instructions on how to build the editor under macOS.
I see there is some multi platform stuff in the codebase, has anyone been able to run the editor on Mac, if anyone was successful please share how it’s done.


I’m developing the editor for Mac.
So it is unstable.
I’ll write a manual after I almost finished to implemented the editor.


I didn’t check, but I think the feeling is that layer is not really needed. I still find it useful but I don’t use it as much as I used to when I was a new Cocos2d-x developer. I still have games that use it and I won’t change it until I need to.

Do you use Layer? What do you feel it provides that Node can’t? I use LayerColor for the obvious reason of having a colored background.


I just realised that i don’t really need layer either. Just like you said @slackmoehrle I use LayerColor or LayerGradient / Radial. I guess sometimes in the UI name Layer makes more sense other than that i don’t see any reason to use it lol.


Thanks to @tiffanyx, Effekseer was optimized on iPhone and Android.
Optimized version is on the repository.

cocos2d::Layer problem

I will check and fix it.


Wow amazing, definitely will try!


We released Effekseer 1.4 !

-The renewal of UI.
-Support the tool for macOS.
-Addition of a function to read FBX with animation.
-Addition of many parameters.

Thank you for @tiffanyx
EffekseerForCocos2d-x was optimized well on a smartphone.

This game uses EffekseerForCocos2d-x


I rewrote it.
Thank you.


Effekseer for cocos2d-x 1.41 was released.

Fixed a bug causes crach when setRemoveOnStop is used.
Fixed memory leak in samples.

This release makes Effect and EffectEmitter released automatically.
So you need to edit codes about release


hello, can Effekseer be used in cocos creator? thanks:)


sorry. not yet


Hi, @ Effekseer!
I checked an Effekseer particle system, and i like it!
But how can i configure emitter for preserve emitted particles positions while changing emitter position or direction? I want to achieve effect like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPzs2pTZ2sQ (sorry for Unity sample, sample, it first what i found). Currently i try to move emitter like that
emitter->runAction(Sequence::create(MoveTo::create(3, Vec2(-200, -200)), MoveTo::create(3, Vec2(200, 200)), nullptr));
but particles just follows for emitter like nailed.
Thank you!


Hi @kalibannez

Thank you for using Effekseer.
It depends effect’s design.

Please change “Inherit Position” “Only on create”
These functions are written in official tutorial and references.


hi, i use the 1.41 in cocos2dx 3.16,
try to add Sprite3D to a Perspective Camera,
then set position Sprite3D:setPosition3D(cc.Vertex3F(0,0,0))
at this time the Sprite3D draw in the Screen middle
then add a emitter to the Sprite3D, but it draw in the Screen Bottom left,
like draw in a Orthographic Camera position cc.Vertex3F(0,0,0)
is it some thing wrong? or i must set some other setting?


I will check it


thanks, i have fixed it by setting EffectManager::Initialize

but i have some trouble about it,
ex: setting the Camera’s Position3D or Rotation3D, the emitter still render in the same screen position
ex: moving the Sprite3D’s Position3D, the emitter’s render position is not the same as I thought, have more document for the Effekseer in the 3D Camera?


I updated documents. I wrote about 3D.


I think you need to write a code as follows.