Effects in cocos2dx v3

Effects in cocos2dx v3
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I can’t get the 3D effect (like liquid, flipy3d…) to work with the sample testcpp code. According to the learning wiki you should be able to just execute a sprite->runAction(…) with a Liquid (for example) object to get the effects to work. However, it doesn’t. Fistly I got the error message “Assert failed: GridActions can only used on NodeGrid”, so i changed my sprite to subclass a NodeGrid instead, which only makes the application exit with the only error message "A/libc﹕ Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV) at 0x63c16fec (code=2), thread 8459 ". Clearly I must be doing something wrong here, but what could it be?



You need to do something like this:
node_grid = NodeGrid::create();
this-> addChild(node_grid)
auto 3d_effect = Ripple3D::create(.........)
node_grid-> addChild(3d_effect);......