editbox's callback function "registerScriptEditBoxHandler" can only return "began" in cocos2dx3.0 lua coding in visual studio 2012??


When I were coding with editbox(CCEditBox)in visual studio 2012,its callback function “registerScriptEditBoxHandler(handerfun)” can only return eventType == “began” even when the popup dialog is returned or canceled,what’s wrong with it?
ps:I cannot find the function registerScriptEditBoxHandler in the api reference online.


1.The error that EditBox can only return “began” would be check as soon as possible.
2.Because the registerScriptEditBoxHandler is manual binding,so it is didn’t in the api reference online.


I found the reason that other event can’t be triggered is EditBoxImplWin::openKeyboard didn’t call related callback.It would be fixed as soon as possible.


@samuele3hu hi,I want to know that is the registerScriptEditBoxHandler functions would return other values in the real mechine like android or iphone? thx


registerScriptEditBoxHandler is platform independent.