Editbox and soft keyboard at the bottom of the screen


I’m using the new Editbox in cocos 3.8.1. It seems nice.

However, in one instance I need to put the Editbox at the bottom of the screen, and when I gain focus the whole screen is moved up to accommodate for the soft keyboard. Is there a way to only move the box itself up but not the whole screen? Or somehow have another setting to be loaded when soft keyboard is shown?


My suggestion to you is if you dont want the whole screen to move up then keep a place holder in place of the edit box (like a Label). When the user taps the placeholder, create an edit box in the middle of the screen and once the user is done entering the details in the box, take the text from the box and set it to the label and remove the edit box.


Does someone have a better solution to that problem? I’m encountering currently the same problem.