double to unsigned int transform error in "js_CCScheduler_schedule"

double to unsigned int transform error in "js_CCScheduler_schedule"
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I have found an error in function: js_CCScheduler_schedule.

In the function, it define “double repeat = -1;” and pass the variable to “sched->scheduleSelector” .

But in “sched->scheduleSelector”, the repeat parameter’s type is unsigned int.

double repeat = -1;
unsigned int test = repeat;

So, how about the value of test ?
It will be 4294967295 on ios simulator
But it will be 0 on device, such as iphone and itouch

I think the double’s underlying structure is difference between PC and Mobile device, so the result is also difference.

So don’t assign negative double value to unsigned int!


Thanks for your feedback.
Actually, this bug was fixed at 3.x.
I will submit a PR for master to .