Does it worth to use cocos2d-x?

Does it worth to use cocos2d-x?
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I dont know if i want to use this or just cocos2d for iphone…
Does it worth to use cocos2d-x instead of separately programm for different platforms?

I want to start a new project but i see it is someway hard to configure the tools, and also i feel cocos2d-x needs more work to make it easier for beginners.
I think it can be hard to figure out how to setup resolutions between the many systems and to correctly write/read files, etc (any difference between ios and android, and also Wphone).

Do you think it worths the time to learn all these things and start the project with cocos2d-x in c++? (i think it can take more time)
Or just programm directly for separated systems? Starting the iphone project, and when you finish just try to convert the project to another system.

What do you guys think it is better? Do you think cocox2d-x is mature enough and easy enough to be used and win time with a multiplatform project?
The documentation is good enough?


I would say so. I started my app on AndEngine and was faced with too many engine problems. Also, the aim was to rewrite it using Cocos2D for iPhone, but this was too much work. I managed to get a basic app working on Android using Cocos2d-x, the way I wanted it, e.g. I build on Linux, rebuild for iOS and Android. The framework is ready for this with the build process and git repository, but I don’t have the Retina sized graphics as all our previous work was done using 480x800 resolution, which I’m currently using for development on Linux/Android, but obviously can’t use these graphics for iOS.



Is that mature enough for you?

My only gripe is the fact that there is no desktop support.


Emmanuel: That game is mature? I just dont know, at leas “internally” but graphically is a “kids game”? You ahve to answer that question as i can’t see the code :stuck_out_tongue: And didn’t play that game.

And Luke: what do you mean by you don’t have retina sized graphics? I read there is an option to use retina sized graphics (it autodettects the resolution), but i dont know how to mesh with resolutions between android and iphone, is it easy?
I guess i will just try the tutorials arround and then i’ll decide if to use htis ir just cocos2D.

Is there any more people here that can write their own opinions?


You can’t scale for iOS, so our game only has 480x800 sized graphics at the moment.

I can develop it on Linux and Android (for 480x800), but later all the gfx will have to be replaced with 640x960 (hd) and 320x480 gfx because it’s based on the iPhone version in which everything else must be scaled.
Now, the Linux version works differently to the Win32 version, set a window size of 320x480 on Win32 and you will get a scaled up to Retina sized display, the window will be 640x960, but eveything is scaled from 320x480. Under Linux, ask for a 320x480 display and that’s what you get, ask for 640x960 and you get that too. At the moment that suits me, but I find it odd that they differ. Also Linux uses the native GL whereas Win32 uses GLES emulation libs
these libs exist for Linux also.



Luke, set retina support off and it won’t scale like this on win32. BTW have you noticed how it scales on linux? Try some Full HD resolutions, you’ll be surprised by how well does it handle it!


No, haven’t seen any scaling under Linux, how do you do it?