Does Cocos2dx support Blackberry 10?

Does Cocos2dx support Blackberry 10?
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Does cocos2dx support BlackBerry 10 phones or only Playbook? It is not specified in the wiki




It does.

Possibly a few minor tweaks due to frequent BB10 SDK changes, but we already released a Cocos2D-X based game (Another World) both on Playbook & BB10 a few weeks ago.


Hi Romain,

Thanks for your answer. Do you have to do anything special to make the cocos2dx bb template to work with bb10 or it is exactly the same?



It’s works great, and developing with Eclipse based IDE Momentics is amazing… In fact we made Sage Kids ( ) first on Blackberry and then migrated to Android faster thanks to Momentics.
Everything is integrated (no need of eclipse plugins + GCC compiling environment if you are in windows) and works out of the box (just create a project with the sh/bat included in cocos2d-X platforms/blackberry.project).


maybe is a different question… but, can you say something about the profitability of the platform?


Not really, the game is free and has no in-game app. We used the patform as a test bed for cocos2d-iphone to cocos2d-x migration and then we made the Android version which has in-app purchases. We are now going back to it to make a Q10 version and add monetization options.

What I can tell you is that is EASY to get visibility with a good game, we get more than double downloads from the Z10 version than all Android put together, and both are free…


interesting, I ported this game to playbook:

I now need to find out how to make the release BAR but once it’s done I hope they approve it soon :slight_smile:

Then I will evaluate porting it to BB10 too, do you know if there are many different screen sizes and variety of hardware?




Right now only 2 resolutions: 720x720 and 1280x768, a mess for games anyway :slight_smile:

Hardware is almost the same, different chipsets but same OpenGL capabilities, you shouldn’t have any problems if using Cocos2d-X.


720x720? a square screen? with a physical keyboard I assume… thats a sh… even if you handle multiple resolutions, you need almost two versions of the game to support both…

is ther any option to support only one and publish the game for that?



Yep. You can choose the handsets you support when publishing. Anyway, the publishing website “knows” that you don’t support 720x720 if you don’t include certain files inside the BAR (square startup screen, etc…)


thanks for the info. If you could have a look at this post, I would appreciate: