Does cocos2d-x will add CCActionTween function?

Does cocos2d-x will add CCActionTween function?
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CCActionTween is good for cocos2d use.
Does cocos2d-x have CCActionTween like function?



CCActionTween can’t be implemented in cocos2d-x. Because of it’s used the unique feature of Objective-C.

Sorry about that!


okok…i am noob~ haha

sorry about that!


What is the solution to replace CCActionTween in C++ ?



cocos2d-iphone add this class?


Yes, here it is:

Any simple solution to do the same ?

Thanks !


If cocos2d-iphone releases a stable version, cocos2d-x will update to that version ASAP.


Oh, I am sorry. I thought it is a new feature, but it is not.
As Bin Zhang said, cocos2d-x can not implement this class.


Yes, I saw this: is there any recommended trick to do the same ? Indeed, I have many CCActionTween in the iOS cocos2D game I am currently porting to Cocos2dx… Thanks


Of course CCActionTween can be implemented in C++, via callbacks.

It’s done in Cocos2d-x V2.0

I grabbed it from there and fixed some compile issues for Cocos2d-X V1.0.1. Enjoy