Does cocos2d-x support Android 1.6?

Does cocos2d-x support Android 1.6?
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The hello world program coming with cocos2d-x seems to be limited to Android 2.1.
Unfortunately that severely limits the target audience.
I would be interested if cocos2d-x can be used for Android 1.6 and with what kind of caveats (I mean which features of cocos2d-x cannot work with Android 1.6)?


cocos2d-x use which is named in android 1.6.
If you want to run in android 1.6, you should link the corresponding
library. And I don’t know the difference of the two libraries.


Someone success in running cocos2d-x on Android 1.6. He told me that, he remove the skia invoking codes, in CCImage::initWithString. I don’t know if it’s the only place invoking skia.


Okay, but what does this involve from functionality point of view? What will be unavailable if one uses cocos2d-x with Android 1.6?
What I’ve already observed so far is that if I would like to build the HelloWorld example against Android 1.6 API then many constants like ACTION_POINTER_DOWN and such are not available so even the Java code fails to compile.
Does anybody have any experience with this?


You can retrive older version of cocos2d-x, which doesn’t use nor multitouch.


That’s also an option, however, multitouch is available on certain devices with Android 1.6 and even if not, such a decision to enable or disable multitouch should be done at run-time, rather than compile time (at least how I see it).
Please, don’t take my comments as complains, you did a great job with cocos2d-x, but for better compatibility such improvements would be great. There are still a huge amount of devices out there running Android 1.6 and 2.0.
Is libskia/libsgl responsible for text rendering or something like that? If yes, then cannot we simply supply together with our application bundle, so it will be there no matter it is 1.6 or 2.1?


It supports 2.0, but 1.6 is not so popular.
You can look this:


So you say it should work with 2.0, not just with 2.1? That’s good
I know the amount of deployments of various versions, but what I see in the statistics of my current Android game, it shows that almost 10% of the users have 1.6 and I would rather not block them out from my next games either. However, maybe when I’ll make my first game with cocos2d-x it is possible that 1.6 will be less common than currently.