Does cocos2d offers some more abstract API?

Does cocos2d offers some more abstract API?
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Can we use some more abstract API in cocos2d-html5? Like we give a world and set the gravity, and set the velocity, friction, weight and other attribute, then the world will work correspond with the physical laws and key or mouse input, instead of we calculate what the spirite would be and told it what to do every frame. Is that we must use box2d lib to do these, or cocos2d has wraped up them into some easy-use methods? Finally I want to ask onn more question, can we use the Tiledmap edit levels and use them in our codes easily?

  1. There is no such kind of api, but the physics are not hard to implement at all, look for tests/classes/box2dtest
    and yes, cocos2d always uses a third party physics library such as box2d in order to accomplish this.

  2. yes, tilemap editor is supported, but not 100% yet, we are working on to support additional features for tilemap editor