documentation: where to find CCST , CGPath etc...

documentation: where to find CCST , CGPath etc...
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1/I am slowly learning cocos2d-x and listening to the great bob ueland tutorials,(e.g.
however I can’t find the same documentation? in Doxygen there is the class list but where are data structures and/members lists like CCSet forr the touches ?
like I’d like to figure out what is “anyobject” which should be called to get 1 touch object of the list of touches …but I can’t find it in the doxygen documentation? do I have to look in the cocos2d documentation? I am asking because I’dliketo get all the touches hence I needto figure out how many touch points there are and their coord.

2/ Concerning CGPtath, it seems to be an obj-c iphone stuff. Is there a cocos2d-x equivalent? Can we call those obj-c function within a e.g. scene or layer created as a .cpp .h ?


Oh, so sorry we forgot the doxygen comment of CCSet. I created issue #709, it will be done in this version. Before we finish this issue, please refer to tests/tests/Box2DTest/Box2dTest.cpp, in line 175, Box2DTestLayer::ccTouchesEnded(CCSet**, CCEvent**). This functions shows how to traverse the objects in CCSet.

About CGPath, you can refer to CocosDenshion/iphone/, this file shows how to call objc interfaces in cpp class. By apple’s rule, you can mix objc & cpp source in files with .mm subfix.


thanks . No issue it’s an awful lot of work you have to deliver.
Does this mean I have to write my class (scene or anything else) as a .mm file instead of a .cpp?
I am in the process of going through all the tests and that’s difficult to understand for an old guy like used to garbage collections… with scope of global variables that should be reused throughout the prog…whereas here it s more of as little singleton as possible and all via class instances but hey old guy need to learn new ways :wink:
thanks for the reply :slight_smile:


Only if you want to mixuse c++ and objective-c, you should write as a .mm.