Do you plan to support marmalade in cocos2d-x 2.x.x ?

Do you plan to support marmalade in cocos2d-x 2.x.x ?
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Do you plan to support marmalade in cocos2d-x 2.x.x ?


I don’t see any marmalade support in latest cocos2d-x 2.x.x versions.
Asked about it here too:
In this topic( borce georgiev ask: “Why the official cocos2d-x package (cocos2d-2.0-x-2.0.2) doesn’t list marmalade ? Or I must use nolanfu’s fork ?”. But no one answered him.
I get last commit from and try build test.mkb, but get error:
f:…-cocos2d-x-953381f\cocos2dx\platform\ccimagecommon_cpp.h: error C3861: ‘jpeg_mem_src’: identifier not found.
I use marmalade sdk 6.0.6, windows 7 and MVS 2010.
As I understand it, there is only one developer who has worked on supporting marmalade. This is Francis Styck.
I think that he does not have enough time to finish the support marmalade and merged it with master branch.
But sooner or later, Francis still do it.
But this is no one speaks clearly and this is just my guess.
Can anyone say, do you plan to support marmalade in future(2.x.x) versions of cocos2d-x?
Can I and I think many other developers count on it?


Hi ivan, I haven’t received any pull request of marmalade port in gles20 branch.
And as you may know, our core team and me have no experience on marmalade platform. We mainly focus on ios/android/win32/mac platform. The rest platforms are highly depends on the community’s contribution.


Hi Walzer, thanks for the reply.
It is a pity you have no experience on marmalade platform.
Then I forward the question to the community and in particular to Francis Styck and Nolan Cafferky.


I will try to look at this on the weekend, I have been too busy lately. I do not think it will be too difficult getting it working in general but there are a few areas of support that are outside my expertise and will need additional help.



Hi Francis, thank you for doing this job.
We will wait for new releases.
What kind of help are you talking about?


It would be nice to have this release.


As Ahsan said! I will love to have this release soon!


Hi guys,

Any update on this? Any progress?

Thank you.


I have the HelloCpp project building as well as the Tests project.

Not working now is the network stuff (need curl), most everything else seems to be working. I will try to update my fork later this week and get the latest Marmalade, I think I’m a version or two behind.



Any news ? I compiled marmalade HelloWorld from official cocos2d-x master branch on github, but it only displays black screen with bunch of IwAssert fails.


You can see work in progress if you can use subversion at:

I’m GIT challenged so will try to update my forked cocos2d-x and merge the changes when they are complete.



Svn is OK. When you use IwGL I think marmalade complains about it. Should be iwgl. About libjpeg i can’t help, marmalade always includes their implementation.


Francis Styck, Many many thanks.
I’ll try it.

I downloaded this from github, but when I tryed to run project with test.mkb, I’ve got:
error C3861: ‘jpeg_mem_src’: identifier not found.
How to resolve this problem ?


Hi Francis,

Do you know when the marmalade integration with cocos2-x 2.x.x will be released?

Thank you.


Development is happening here


I haven’t had too much time latley but will look at a few things the next couple of days. If those that are interested in the marmalade support can download the current version located at the link above and list what doesn’t work such as multi-touch, curl integration, etc then that would help the effort.

Any assistance with code changes would also be appreciated.