Display loading screen between game scenes


Hi CC guys,

Think it will look more like feature request.

It’s common and very often used practice to show loading screens between game scenes - while next scene is loading. Seems like currently CC doesn’t have methods to show loading screen therefore I had to do this by myself in my scene. Besides I had to use a trick to show it:
To make scene init return fast I had to attach loading screen image, schedule loading and return - so that scene constructor return immediately, otherwise previous scene will remain on screen until next scene is constructed. Then in the end of loading scene code I called to remove loading screen.

However I think it would be much easier if CCDirector could care of showing loading screen: show it right before calling to next scene constructor and hide after scene constructor returned.

So how about to extend CCDirector to?:
CCDirector::setLoadingScreen(loadingScreen) - either from path or Texture2D
CCDirector::pushScene(CCScene *pScene, bool showLoading = false)
CCDirector::replaceScene(CCScene *pScene, bool showLoading = false)