Device orientation in QNX?

Device orientation in QNX?
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How do we set the device orientation in QNX? I’ve found this for other platforms, but not for QNX:

CCEGLView has a method called setDeviceOrientation on other platforms like BADA, but not for QNX, anyone knows how to deal with this with Playbook?



oh wait, I just noticed that the OpenGL way should work everywhere:


but for some strange reason, any other orientation does not work, throwing this error:

Process 15831205 (HelloWorld) terminated SIGSEGV code=1 fltno=11 ip=0010e480(com.example.HelloWorld.testDev**HelloWorld7d1bfe91@ZSt9_AllocateIcEPT_jS1+0x33e4) ref=00000024

any idea why is this happening?