DEVICE_DRAW_SAMPLER_NOT_SET warnings on Windows Phone 8.

DEVICE_DRAW_SAMPLER_NOT_SET warnings on Windows Phone 8.
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I am porting an app from cocos2d-iphone to cocos2d-x on Windows Phone.

I am seeing warnings like this in the output window of VS2012 express…

D3D11 WARNING: ID3D11DeviceContext::DrawIndexed: The Pixel Shader unit expects a Sampler to be set at Slot 0, but none is bound. This is perfectly valid, as a NULL Sampler maps to default Sampler state. However, the developer may not want to rely on the defaults. [ EXECUTION WARNING #352: DEVICE_DRAW_SAMPLER_NOT_SET]

Is there anyway to fix this…?
Any pointers to documentation that explains this…?



In case you haven’t found a solution, or anyone else having the same problem, this was a real headache for me. It happened to me because it wasn’t finding my fonts. I was calling CCLabelTTF::create(…) but the font I was referring wasn’t being included in the target app (.xap). You can verify it if you want at the target created “.xap” file (just rename its extension to “.zip” and open it). I haven’t verified if it would do the same for CCSprite but at least it was giving me this error for CCLabelTTF.
Good luck and have fun!