developer wanted for porting cocos2D/chipmunk iphone game

developer wanted for porting cocos2D/chipmunk iphone game
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Hi Everybody,

Our company is developping an angry birds style game in cocos2d and chipmunk for iphone
the game is similar in is goal to angry birds but differs enough in its implementation to have its own shelve life
we’re looking for somebody to port it to android and may be windows phone
we think that this framework is most suitable
if you are an experience progammer that would like to develop a commercial product we would like to hear from you
we offer a complete set of graphics in low and high resolution(80 meg of graphics), wav sound fx (50 of them), mp3 tune, 72 levels builded and an editor in java to edit them if needed, and the original well designed objective-c source code (if you sign a non-disclosure agreement)
the project is of course remunerated by a share of the revenues generated

best regards,

Benoit - Pix-Arts

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Good luck.


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