Develop iOS content in Visual Studio 2010

Develop iOS content in Visual Studio 2010
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Hello, i unable to find information on develop iOS content in visual studio 2010 using cocos2d-x.

Even in Wiki link, the running of Hello World of cocos2d-x on iPhone Emulator is in Mac Xcode.

I do know about the need to export to MAC for it to test on the device itself.

Is there any tutorial or examples in running iOS content using cocos2d-x on iPhone Emulator in Visual Studio 2010 itself?


You need a mac to run it on ios. Cocos2d-x is only a library or framework.


I see. So is not possible to develop it on visual studio 2010 like how we do it for Android and Window phone i guess.


The Marmalade platlform will allow you to develop with cocos2d-x in Visual Studio 2010 for all platforms.

It is not free but for a $149/yr it is not too expensive. With Marmalade you can even deploy to you iOS device with the PC. You can get a free trial for 30 days to see if it works for you,