Deleting void*

Deleting void*
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Thank you for the work!

While I compile the Hello World project for iPhone, I see a lot of warnings for deleting void pointers. I believe these are bugs which may lead to memory leaks.


It depends on the virtual destructor of each classes.
I have checked there’s no memory leaks in cocos2d-x test cases.

I agree that too much warnings is so ulgy.
We plan to fix the warnings after upgrate to 0.99.5-final


I applogize! The community report this bug again, and submit a screenshot.
I create a bug here #243.
It will be fix. Thanks for your suggesion!


I believe those are not just warnings. They are critical errors. There is no valid way of freeing a pointer except through its original type.


You can download the last code from github, version after
Thanks to leon-li’s contribution, we have fixed the “delete void*” warning.
By now, the warning count in cocos2d-iphone-cpp is reduced from 3000+ to only 8.