Delayed CCScheduler

Delayed CCScheduler
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first, i want to tell you that you did a great job porting cocos2d to win32.
But i and my team mates have a issue: CCScheduler is delayed when calling it directly after the onEnter of a Layer. We have a dynamic physics object and a sprite which we want to move to a certain point and back again repetitive.


We calculate the speed of the object via the given time and distance. The problem is that at the first schedule period the scheduler is delayed, afterwards it has the correct scheduling time.
Due to that fact our object moves to far.
If we call the scheduler not directly after onEnter and wait a few seconds and start then scheduling our method everything works fine.
Is this a known bug or is there a solution??


P.S.: In your scheduler tests in the tests project i have no console output (scheduling also not working there ??)


Nobody any idea??