Default Landscape fail on iOS...

Default Landscape fail on iOS...
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If you try to make screen be landscape at the very first time for example : pDirector->runWithScene(pScene);

You may find that the screen loads the background image in a portrait mode.

But it’s fine on second scene/layer and also fine on Android.

Right now, I just use a fake-layer as first layer to be loaded, and set a counter to load my real loading screen.

Anyone like me to have this problem ?


Did you use iOS5? It is fixed in 0.9.2.


yes…I use iOS5…


I fixed this bug #753 in v0.9.2
Please make sure you’ve updated to 0.9.2, then try again. If it still failed, please let me know.



I am using 0.9.2 right now. And it still fails.

BTW, do you have number limitation on CCAnimation->addFrameWithFileName(“filename”) ?

I added more than about 65 then it fails on device runtime but fine on simulator.

Testing is on iOS5 and iPhone4.

Thank you.