Debug native code

Debug native code
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Anyone know how to debug native code of my cocos2d-x app.
I believe Sequoyah is the best way, but I dont have any
experience on this tool.

Review this ->



I’m also boring with the ndk debug tool.
So far, I would like to debug it in Vistual Studio using win32 port. It’s more easy to dev and test your program in c++. After it works well on win32 port, then I port it onto android-ndk
Meanwhile, use CCLOG marco in cocos2d-x to print logs onto eclipse IDE.
And the last choice is to use GDB.
Google promised that they will improve the native code debugging environment.

Macarse may be skilled about this, waiting for his reply.



I am still waiting for the answer to that.
I couldn’t configure it properly :frowning:

For the time being I am using gdb.


The problem is that when run my game on visual studio, all works fine.
The android compilation seems to work fine, but when I run my game on
android one scheduler method seems not being called.


So, I too have tried various things to try and debug, with no success. It seems DDD would be the easiest way to go, which I’ve got running, but nothing useful really shows up. It does seem to connect though - when i type ‘c’ for continue into the prompt, it does pump the app and it continues executing. And then crashes, with DDD still saying ‘waiting for gdb’…

I followed this little guide:

on windows with cygwin you have to run startxwin first, and then I have the following script:

export DISPLAY=localhost:0.0
ddd —debugger $ANDROID_NDK_ROOT/ndk-ddd —adb=/cygdrive/c/Android/android-sdk/platform-tools/adb.exe

Anybody had any luck with this or any other tools?