Custom Property feat. req

Custom Property feat. req
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I’ve been playing around with CocoStudio for a week or so and it’s an awesome tool. It blows CocosBuilder out of the water.

But it would be very useful if in the CustomProperty component you could define the variables inside the editor instead of having to provide a seperate json file. I can see the convenience of providing the seperate json file, but for repeated objects on the scene it becomes cumbersome to have a seperate json file for each object when all you need to tweak is a single value like an id.

Another useful feature would be to be able to provide a json file that defines the field, field type, and default value. So the user can just drag on a json file which will auto populate the UI with the fields and then be able to tweak with the values in the editor.

Also on a side note having CCComAttribute hold both a CCDictionary and CSContentJsonDictionary is a bit confusing. I would think just having the CSContentJsonDictionary would suffice.

Keep up the great work! I can’t wait for version 2.