Custom Launch Image [SOLVED]

Custom Launch Image [SOLVED]
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Hi everyone,

Is there a way to customise the launch image? I mean I don’t want to use the default image that provided by XCode or cocos2d-x. I would like to use my own scene to show launch image. For example for android I have to provide my own scene for showing launcher image. But for iOS, I’ve already removed it in the project settings the default from cocos2d-x template but it still showing the cocos2d-x image when I launch the game. Please help me.

Thanks in advance,



Just replace Default.png and/or Default@2x.png (iphone 4) and/or Default-568h@2x.png (iphone 5) with your own image.


Yes, I understand that. Sorry if you misunderstood my question. But what I mean is to be able to control the launch scene. Just like cocos2d for iPhone. In cocos2d for iPhone template, there should be a scene called IntroScene. People could make the scene shows much longer or shorter. But I cannot find in cocos2d-x to custom that thing for iOS. Android and other platform are ok since we have to create our own scene to show a scene for intro/launcher. So basically my question is, is that a way to prevent the default launcher for iOS so I can use my own launcher/intro.

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There must be a way because my iOS app goes straight to my first scene.

I’m not sure how you set the intro so can’t advise how to remove it, sorry.


Hi adam,

The way I’m showing my first scene is by calling myScene::scene() function from myScene class inside the AppDelegate::applicationDidFinishLaunching(). I can do anything from myScene. I would like to make that myScene to show my launcher/intro. But unfortunately I cannot do that for iOS. Because even if I remove the default launcher image, cocos2d-x will replace it using the default image provided by cocos2d-x. For Android and other platform there should be no problem because unlike iOS there is no such thing like launcher image in android and (maybe) other platforms. When I used cocos2d for iPhone long time ago I can do that, the first scene can manipulate that thing.


That’s not possible. Every iOS app have a launch image, which you can change. The shorter your app takes to load, the shorter you’ll see that image. There is absolutely no way around this, since it’s something Apple specifically did to ensure that the user is never left with a black screen (that’s somewhere in the documentation I think).

If you want an animation, change your first scene to a scene with that animation, which redirects to your home scene after the animation is done. You can make your user think the launch image is part of the animation by having your first animation frame be the same as that image. That’s how most games do (Infinity Blade for example).


Okay François, I got your message. Thanks a lot.