Current git revision (25 july 2011) compilation errors

Current git revision (25 july 2011) compilation errors
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It looks like the templates have not been correctly updated for the new support of PVR files:

  1. The project is trying to compile file CCPVRTexture.cpp file, but it’s named CCTexturePVR.cpp
  2. CCTexture2D.cpp file tries to include “CCTexturePVR.h” but the compiler can’t find the file (I checked, it IS in the include folder, correctly named, case is the same)

(and by the way, I’m having the same #2 issue with my patch to support CCZ compressed files, and I can’t figure out why!)


Ok, I’m officially a noob :smiley:

I didn’t know you had to add .h files to xcode for it to compile without errors.

I let you fix the templates for iOS :smiley:


Terrible sorry! Ming told me to update the template yesterday, but I’m so lazy and would like to update it before version release, so I can commit only once for all modifications.
xcode3 or xcode4, which one are you using? I will do it for you immediately.


I’m using xcode3 currently, but I changed my created project manually, no urge. I just reported in case you didn’t know :smiley:


#536 updated, prevent me from forgetting this case after ChinaJoy.