curl missing https for iOS (probably 64bits)

curl missing https for iOS (probably 64bits)
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It seems the curl lib is missing the https support for iOS at least for 64bits (not sure about 32bits yet).

Error : cocos2d: error buffer: Protocol https not supported or disabled in libcurl
Step to reproduce : just change an url to https in the cocos2_test for extension httpclienttest.

Are we suppose to recompile the lib curl ? is there an already established way to do that ?




I managed to compile the library with ssl support for iOS, unfortunately I can’t find the folder with all the sources! But I can send you the compiled library that works perfectly to me (used on cocos2d-x 2.1.4), you just need to replace the libcurl.a file on cocos2dx/platform.third_party/ios/libraries with the attached (keep a backup just in case!).


In fact I think I got if from here sorry, didn’t remember:

The .a file there should be the same I just sent you.