Cross-platform javascript game with CocosBuilder and cocos2d-x

Cross-platform javascript game with CocosBuilder and cocos2d-x
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What is the best practice so far to create a cross-platform game in javascript with screen-dependent resources ?

I wrote this tutorial based on what I understood from the sample games and from CocosBuilder documentation:

But since I’m quite a beginner in cocos2d-x world, I’d be interested in having feedback from people who use it a lot. How do you create such a project ? Is there anything important I missed in the tutorial ?


Hello! Great tutorial! I wait for the response with you.

EDIT: Did you consider this tutorial? but there is no info about screen-dependent resources.


Yes I’ve read this tutorial but it seems a bit old and a big part of the configuration described in it is obviously handled now by the script included in cocos2d-x. Maybe this script didn’t exist when the tutorial was written ?
And, as you say, it doesn’t explain how to manage platform-dependent resources generated by CocosBuilder.