ios project fails to build ios project fails to build
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I have created a multi-platform project using “tools\project-creator\”. The windows, android and blackberry projects work great but I can’t get the ios project to build. I’m not very familiar with xcode but I think something is wrong with the setup.

After opening the project in xcode the only thing I have done is change the compiler to “LLVM GCC 4.2” from “Apple LLVM Compiler 4.2” as it wouldn’t compile at all otherwise. I also added the resources and source files.

I then attempt to build the project. It compiles cocos2dx without issue but when it tries to compile my game project it fails with 80 issues, most of them “No such file or directory”. What is strange is that the issues are all cocos2dx files and not my project source files. Why is it trying to re-compile cocos2dx? And why is it failing?

Can someone who has used “” provide the exact steps you take to open the project in xcode and have it build successfully.

I should mention that I have tried building TestCpp but after compiling for 30 minutes it only got through 20 of the over 200 files so I gave up. And HelloCpp would not open at all.

I am using xCode 4.6.2 and cocos2d-2.1rc0-x-2.1.3.



So I ended up creating a brand new project and added the existing source files and resources. It built and deployed without issue. Something must have been corrupted with my other ios project. The only issue I have now is that it takes a really long time to build, but as long as it finishes eventually I’m content as I’m targeting other platforms primarily.