create-android-project.bat not working when paths contain space!

create-android-project.bat not working when paths contain space!
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Hello There,

I’m trying to create a project using the bat file and as the paths of android sdk and ndk contains spaces (“Program Files (x86)”) the bat file fails. I tried to put the paths inside double quotes at the beginning and end but it’s still the same. Any help?



Sorry, we haven’t test this situation, it may be a bug here.
I can try to reproduce the bug at next Monday, since the win32 machine with android environment is in the office. I’m working on mac now.


Thanks, that would be really great. For now, I’ve copied the android and cocos2d-x source folders into root c: folder and could create the project but that’s a temporary solution for now ;).


Yes, now it can not support space. But I think you’d better to rename the dir name, make it not contain space.


Ok, I have created #506.


surround the path with quotes, and then wherever the environment variable like “_ANDROIDTOOLS” appears take the quotes off.



I don’t think that surrounding the path with quotes works. I just had the same problem and my first thought was to surround the path with quotes, but it didn’t work.

What I did was use the alternate name: PROGRA~1

Type: dir /x

That will display the contents of the directory but with alternate names (i.e. filenames with spaces).


Try adding a “ (with the quotes) before spaces and special characters like”(" or “)” and many others

So for example, Program Files * would becomeProgramFiles*

The path looks weird, but it worked for me