create-android-project.bat and win7

create-android-project.bat and win7
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I had some trouble getting create-android-project.bat to run on my win7 system.

I was getting permission errors when the script started copying files:

/cygdrive/c/cocos2d-x/template/android/ line 60: /cygdrive/c/cocos
2d-x/Sample3/android/jni/helloworld/ Permission denied

Some fiddling I showed, that the files copied from the HelloWorld project did not have any file permissions set anymore. I finally changed lines 56+57 of /template/android/ to keep the attributes, i.e. cp -prf […]

You might want to include that in your version, too, if you have problems


i had the same problem but i resolved it by adding permission to use the files, also had the same problem when using with some .a file.


Hi game dev

Which files you added permission to use creat_android_project.bat?



just add permissions to the files that get an error when running after creating a new project. in my case i had to add permission to android\obj\local\armeabi\libgnustl_static.a


Hi game dev

Thanks for rely. But I got error when run creat-android-project.bat as link below.

So creat new project is not completed. It is not the error of Do you have any solution for that?



i suggest you find those files and set their permissions.


i am new to scripting language and having same permissions error. Can you exactly write here the line to append for giving permissions for copying ?


please guide me exact steps to solve this and exact code… because i dont know shell scripting coding and which file to modify