Create a release build in Visual Studio

Create a release build in Visual Studio
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Has anyone created a release build using Visual Studio ? I was able to locate the .exe file. I put the .exe file in the resources folder and copied all dlls there. I was able to run it from the .exe, but when I distributed the .exe with the folder, other people were not able to run the game. The application crashes on start.


Having problems with this as well.
The program runs fine in Visual Studio but running the exe won’t work.

Here is my setup:
Windows 7
Visual Studio Express 2012


Has anyone created a release build using Visual Studio ?
Yes, a release build works for me on multiple computers. When sending it to someone they will need the Visual Studio runtime installed for the version compiler you are using (2008/2010/2012). If that doesn’t work try having them use dependency walker to figure out what dll is missing ( Another source of crashing could be that they don’t have the required OpenGL hardware support.


Thanks Kevin. Dependencywalker is a great tool!
In my case it complained about:
I’ve been reading up about those dlls and apparently they are more warnings than actual real errors in a cocos2d-x context that doesn’t make use of Internet Explorer.
My release build is actually working now when running it from the exe on my machine. Dlls were not the problem, I simply needed to copy the art assets to the Release.win32 folder.


Can I just say, Stefan, you’re a lifesaver man!
I had just about gone crazy, when I saw this post.
Thanks again:)
This should definitely be made a sticky.


I have still the same problem even If copied the assets into the directory :frowning: What else may go wrong ?