Crazy Chicken, the return of inhibit Flappy Bird

Crazy Chicken, the return of inhibit Flappy Bird
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Crazy Chicken, the return of Flappy Bird


Crazy Chicken is a casual game, like Flappy Bird, and have some improve and currently support. You have to tap to screen to control the chicken, pass the slot bettween two tree, avoid the obstacles.

Don’t try play if you are impatient, cranky, because you may be throw your phone when play game.

Try to fly far, and your score will submit to server, where many other is show their high score.

You can search Crazy Chicken in Google Play Store, or open this link:

Or scan QR code:


What leaderboard you use?


@prchakal I use Google Play Game Servces leaderboard


well It feels Yuck when u see people use X title and give Y in the game.

Here the Game package name is Crazy Chicken.

The Game name name is Flippy Bird.

I dont know whether chicken or duck will be flying in his game.

Please use some brains guys, Game development is an art, a skill, dont berate it. Give some meaning to that.