Crash when create animation

Crash when create animation
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I want to create animation from ExportJson file but it failed to load

It got the error Assert failed: CCAnimationData not exist! and crash.
What’s wrong with my below code?! :frowning:

static const char s_DragonPList[]   = "gfx/character/dragon/dragon_01/A_010.plist";
static const char s_Dragon[]   		= "gfx/character/dragon/dragon_01/A_010.png";
static const char s_DragonJSon[]   	= "gfx/character/dragon/dragon_01/A_010.ExportJson";
//async loading export file
CCArmatureDataManager::sharedArmatureDataManager()->addArmatureFileInfo(s_Dragon, s_DragonPList, s_DragonJSon);

//Creat armature by name
CCArmature *armature = CCArmature::create("dragon");


I know my stupid error. It’s because I renamed the ExportJson file.

I have to get the exact name that CocoStudio exported

It took me a few hours to find out. :;fury