Crash on PointArray::create(4)

Crash on PointArray::create(4)
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Please answer these questions to help fix this issue:
What’s the issue? Android Build crashing on creating a pointarray by PointArray::create(4)
What’s the engine version? cocos2d-x RC1
How to reproduce it? by creating a PointArray

It doesn’t crash all the time, but occassionally… and on win32 build, the same code works perfectly fine… I am testing on Device, Xolo q800, Android 4.2

The Log that I am getting:

I/DEBUG (18960): #03 pc 003510b8 /data/app-lib/in.gethugames-1/ (operator new(unsigned int)+20)
I/DEBUG (18960): 5d4e4a70 5d8a8cbe /data/app-lib/in.gethugames-1/
I/DEBUG (18960): 5d4e4a84 5d636275 /data/app-lib/in.gethugames-1/ (cocos2d::CCLog(char const*, …)+16)
I/DEBUG (18960): 5d4e4a88 5d8a8cbe /data/app-lib/in.gethugames-1/
I/DEBUG (18960): #02 5d4e4b00 5d5d154d /data/app-lib/in.gethugames-1/ (Logic::calculateScore()+52)
I/DEBUG (18960): 5d4e4b04 5d8370bc /data/app-lib/in.gethugames-1/ (operator new(unsigned int)+24)
I/WindowState( 490): WIN DEATH: Window{4283e8d8 u0 in.gethugames/org.cocos2dx.cpp.AppActivity

and this is how I filter adb logcat: adb logcat | grep "cocos2d"

I am also getting crashes at some other points, only in Andriod, that I will post in separate threads.


Yout have a problem somewhere in Logic::calculateScore(). Probably with one of your CCLOGs.


@lance_gray The same code works well in win32. And all the CCLogs print simple texts. Original Source file shall be found @ [[]]

Could you please check it, to see If you could spot the problem?