Crash on Bada SDK 2.0.5

Crash on Bada SDK 2.0.5
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None of my games could run on bada now.It just crashed when starts,and I can not see any information.This is the text in stackFrame.txt.What most propoblly could cause the crash?Help!

PC: 0x1D133304 LR: 0x1D0FACAC Stack PTR : 0x09A3E84C
0x1D133304 [Platform Fns]
0x4004DF4A [Platform Fns]
0x4004D872 [Platform Fns]
0x6A73414C glDrawElements_1
0x6AAB51FE cocos2d::CCTextureAtlas::drawQuads()
0x6AA5BD64 cocos2d::CCSpriteBatchNode::draw()
0x6AA5BDF0 cocos2d::CCSpriteBatchNode::visit()
0x6AAA32EE cocos2d::CCNode::visit()
0x6AAA32EE cocos2d::CCNode::visit()
0x6AAA32EE cocos2d::CCNode::visit()
0x6AA8EB90 cocos2d::CCTransitionScene::draw()
0x6C06A148 Osp::Base::Runtime::timer::OnMatrixTimerExpired(void const**, void**, unsigned long)
0x69EB7A24 Event_fire2
0x69EBB648 ThreadPi_getStackSize
0x69EBB648 ThreadPi_getStackSize
0x4002809C [Platform Fns]
0x69EBA9F4 Event_processPi
0x69EBB648 ThreadPi_getStackSize
0x400B5D12 [Platform Fns]
0x69EB7AF8 Event_runMainloopEx
0x6AA42600 0x00085600+BadaSuta.exe
0x6C131DCC Osp::App::*AppExecutable::OnStart
0x6C133316 virtual thunk to Osp::App::*AppExecutable::OnStart(Osp::Base::Runtime::EventDispatcherEventArg const&)
0x6C0693A4 Osp::Base::Runtime::**EventDispatcherCore::Start
0x6C130870 Osp::App::
0x6C138500 Osp::App::Application::Execute(Osp::App::Application* (), Osp::Base::Collection::IList const, Osp::App::AppAttributeType)
0x6C0790A0 Osp::Base::Collection::ArrayList::IndexOf(Osp::Base::Object const&, int, int&) const
0x40206F38 [Platform Fns]


Hi, does this issue only happen in sdk2.0.5?


I would like confirm this issue with glDrawElements. If I add CCTMXTiledMap object to layer then it crash. Also happens with bada 2.0.1.


Yes, I had gotten some crashes at glDrawElements on the simulater or emulator. I advise that you should get a device for testing.
What I want to know is whether the TileMapTest in Tests Project also causes crash?


Yes, it does.


Did you try it on 2.0.5 WVGA emulator?


Yep, I did. On HVGA as well.


I have the same problem, I used WaveHVGA Emulator. But I have not used CCTMXTiledMap, but also crashed at glDrawElements_1.

PC: 0x1D0A8210 LR: 0x1D06FBC4 Stack PTR : 0x09ABE7FC
0x1D0A8210 [Platform Fns]
0x4004DFEE [Platform Fns]
0x4004D916 [Platform Fns]
0x69B7F064 glDrawElements_1
0x6BC1A4A0 cocos2d::CCTextureAtlas::drawQuads()
0x6BB60114 cocos2d::CCSpriteBatchNode::draw()
0x6BB5FC2C cocos2d::CCSpriteBatchNode::visit()
0x6BBF5010 cocos2d::CCNode::visit()
0x6BBF5010 cocos2d::CCNode::visit()
0x6BBF5010 cocos2d::CCNode::visit()
0x6BBDC65E cocos2d::CCDirector::drawScene()
0x6BBDDAF2 cocos2d::CCDisplayLinkDirector::mainLoop()
0x6BB7627E cocos2d::CCApplication::OnTimerExpired(Osp::Base::Runtime::Timer&)
0x6B2DCCA0 Osp::Base::Runtime::timer::OnMatrixTimerExpired(void const**, void**, unsigned long)
0x67010A70 Event_fire2
0x67014694 ThreadPi_getStackSize
0x67014694 ThreadPi_getStackSize
0x40028134 [Platform Fns]
0x67013A40 Event_processPi
0x67014694 ThreadPi_getStackSize
0x400B5F62 [Platform Fns]
0x67010B44 Event_runMainloopEx
0x6BB1FEAC 0x000AFEAC+ColorfulShapes.exe
0x6B3AE45E virtual thunk to Osp::App::*AppExecutable::OnStart
0x6B2DBEFC Osp::Base::Runtime::*EventDispatcherCore::Start()
0x6B3AB9B8 Osp::App::__AppExecutable::Run()
0x6B3B3648 Osp::App::Application::Execute(Osp::App::Application* (), Osp::Base::Collection::IList const, Osp::App::AppAttributeType)