Crash in Cocos in native renderer on Tegra

Crash in Cocos in native renderer on Tegra
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we have some crashes directly in Cocos native renderer. We dont have any steps to reproduce.

Transformer Prime TF201 - 4.0.3

stack trace:
#00 pc 0000e6a0 /system/lib/egl/
#01 pc 0000e824 /system/lib/egl/ (glEnable)
#02 pc 00079324 /data/data/com.lonelysockgames.CoralCityCB/lib/ (_ZN7cocos2d10CCDirector9drawSceneEv)
#03 pc 00079ad4 /data/data/com.lonelysockgames.CoralCityCB/lib/ (_ZN7cocos2d21CCDisplayLinkDirector8mainLoopEv)
#04 pc 00093dbe /data/data/com.lonelysockgames.CoralCityCB/lib/ (Java_org_cocos2dx_lib_Cocos2dxRenderer_nativeRender)
#05 pc 0001ec30 /system/lib/ (dvmPlatformInvoke)
#06 pc 00058f6c /system/lib/ (_Z16dvmCallJNIMethodPKjP6JValuePK6MethodP6Thread)

resolved stack trace:
/cocos2dx/cocos2dx/CCDirector.cpp:203 (CC_ENABLE_DEFAULT_GL_STATES():wink:
/cocos2dx/cocos2dx/CCDirector.cpp:888 (drawScene():wink:
/cocos2dx/cocos2dx/platform/android/jni/MessageJni.cpp:51 (cocos2d::CCDirector::sharedDirector()->mainLoop():wink:

Do you have somebody the same problem?



It seems the error is something about OpenGL, we haven’t tested on Android 4.0.


We didnt see this error on another 4.x device that Transformer Prime.

Another tested 4.x devices:
Samsung SGH-T959 - 4.0.3
Samsung GT-I9100 - 4.0.3
Nexus S - 4.0.3


Did you found a solution about your problem ?

i have similar issue with RenderTexture in the begin() method on the glEnable call. not all time but after “some” (something like 20/30 times) begin-visit-end rendering. it’s on a samsung galaxy tab.


No solution yet.

Sorry :frowning:



Finally, in my case, that was only a memory “out” issue… it’s strange that it crash in glEnable but memory issue have so many way to pop :X