Could be developed a cross-platform multiplayer with Cocos2Dx???

Could be developed a cross-platform multiplayer with Cocos2Dx???
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Hello I am a student and I have to do a individual project with cross-platform now I am making documentation and choosing the best engine to do that.
I think that the best one is Cocos2Dx because is cross-plaform. But I dont really know if I can make one game like “Tic tac toe” with cross-platform multiplayer between iOS vs Android devices.

I am thinking about and I guess that has to be with a server between them and sending requests, It´s not clear to me.

Does anyone have tried to do that?

Thanks in advance.


You can write your client side of tic-tac-toe on cocos2d-x easily, and cross android & ios. The integrated libCurl can help you to communicate with server.
Then you must choose the tech for server, PHP, C# or Java is OK, provide HTTP interfaces for clients.


Oki, thank you very much!

Your reply has been very useful!

I think, I will choose PHP to server side.

I will keep you update in this post.

Thanks a lot!


Hello again, I have a question about the server side.

For the demo, I´m thinking about develop a server with java. This server will be able to receive request.
When iOS or Android creates a match the server will receive the request and anyone will be able to create other match. So other client will be able to join to the current match create by someone.

It is viable?