Contribute JSBs back to Community

Contribute JSBs back to Community
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I would like to contribute back to the community with some of our code that we wrote for Native JSB.

Our Code primarily extends and composes various Cocos2d-x Classes.

What is the recommended practise for the following:

  1. Generating the Bindings:
    1.1 Should we add our Classes into the ‘tojs/cocos2dx.ini’? or make our own generator config?
    1.2 We are using our own Namespace, does that mean we must generate a separate Binding file? or Must we rather put all our Code in Cocos2dx namespace?
    1.3 Where in the cocos2d-x folder structure should our code be placed? ‘cocos2d/extensions’?

Our Code includes the following classes:
FileOperations (save remote files to local filesystem)
WebView (also works in CocosBuilder as a plugin)