Consider using one big spritesheet, or just individual image files

Consider using one big spritesheet, or just individual image files
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My point is to consider which way is better in terms of how fast it will download resource over internet, and performance.

I personally prefer to use only 1 spritesheet (1024*1024 with pixel format RGBA 8888) that contains all of image files I need for the game inside, and use SpriteFrameCache to grab them from there. But sometimes, the resource are too many, and I need to expand them into multiple big spritesheets. If I use the format as stated earlier, one spritesheet will cost 4 MB no matter whether all image frames can cover the entire area of the spritesheet or not. So if it’s 2 big spritesheet, then I need 8 MB. I think it’s gone too far both in terms of file size and resolution of the spritesheet itself to be loaded by mobile device or such.

So if I don’t use spritesheet at all, and instead go to use individual image files. Possibly and it should be that the total file size to load all the resource will be more than the first case (as there’s high chance to not trim the space out). In addition with the overhead in doing loading resource (via http) from the game is the thing to concern.

At the end, which way do you think I should go for ? What do you think about the case and situation ? Is that a myth that using spritesheet will always be faster?
Any feedback is appreciate. Thanks ahead !