Complete Noob Question -- Skeletal Animation

Complete Noob Question -- Skeletal Animation
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Hi there:

What is the best skeletal animation tool for Cocos2D-X?

I’m actually a designer, and I hired a developer to work on a simple game with me.
I think he’s only worked with simple game animations before, but in my game I will have many characters that walk, so I need a skeletal animation tool.
He did lead me in the right direction of Cocosbuilder, but Cocosbuilder only does simple animations — no skeletal options are available.

I have found “Grapefrukt Exporter” using Flash. Is that any good? I have Flash, but I haven’t used it for years.

My Developer also just told me that “Spine” (Esoteric Software) will not work on Android.
What is the most popular process/tool for creating skeletal animations?

Lastly, I think my developer is actually using Cocos2D, and I think he’s planning on converting it to Android after the iOS is done.
Is it a different language/program for Cocos2D and Cocos2D-X?

Any help appreciated.



The best tool is spine :slight_smile: