Compiling HelloWorld on ndk-r5

Compiling HelloWorld on ndk-r5
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Hi, I’m following tutorial.
At the 2.compiling section, how to run this shell script?


Did you do it on windows or linux or mac os? And please describe what you have done.


Oh, i see. it’s a cmd script under linux, no in windows. I’m compiling in cygwin, it seems take a long time. Thanks.
And another question. Can you write a simplie makefile to do this jobs in a IDE, this will be more convenient


We will try it.




  1. cocos2d-x has graphcis/audio/physic engine, but has no libraries for network
  2. you can consider libcurl or other network library for your online-game, it’s out of the scope of cocos2d-x
  3. .mk file is easy to copy-modify from one project to another. I would like to debug the c++ game logic in Xcode(for iphone cpp) or in VisualStudio(for win32), fix the bugs, then cross-compile to android-ndk. Google promises they will keep improving the tools for ndk, so we can have a good vision.


哦. 非常感谢这么快回复.麻烦几个问题


  1. Now, you can only use log to debug. But you should do little work.
  2. NDK supports socket. I think there are many network libraries ported on android, you can
    use them.If you use a network library, but it is not supported on android, you can port it yourself.
  3. The methods are implemented in cocos2dx/platform/android/Cocos2dJni.cpp.


o .谢谢.