Compiles each time

Compiles each time
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Hello, I’ve configured HelloCpp under Linux. So the project is exported into eclipse and every time I run it cocos2d-x static library rebuilds from scratch (I think, build_native is called and I can’t understand why does it rebuild everything).


In eclipse, goto Project properties-> c/c++ build.
On the Behaviour tab, uncheck option “Clean”.
In the textbox next to the “Build” option remove the text “all”.
Save changes. This should prevent eclipse from doing a clean build each time.


What NDK version are you using? It is a bug in r8c if memory serves me right.


Yeah, NDK is r8c. Would Asloob Qureshi’s answer help me?


It is a known bug. You can fix it by following this:


Great, thanks! Will try this later.