Compile Hello World tutorial doesn't work

Compile Hello World tutorial doesn't work
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Hi, so i tried to compile the Hello World as per the tutorial here, and did exactly everything step by step but it won’t compile.

I’m using BBNDK2.0.

I’ve imported all the Qnx projects for everything from the Cocos2d-x folder that was downloaded.

It complains about not being able to find Cocos2d-x, CocosDenshion, etc.
It seems to look for them at the user folder root. The errors are something like, “Could not find”/Cocos2d-x"

I’m on a Mac.

Is there a step missing?

EDIT: I got it working. It seems the tutorial neglects to mention you it needs ALL of the Cocos2d-x folder when importing the projects. I found it easier to just manually copy the whole folder into my workspace, and then import the projects.


uops, I just seen you answered yourself in your post…


I did just that and still it doesn’t work and complains about not finding a lot of folders and files, asking for them to be outside the workspace