CocoStudio and absolute paths.

CocoStudio and absolute paths.
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Since the recent demise of CocosBuilder (which was awkward in many ways, however it worked…) I have been trying to use CocoStudio for UI and Scene work.
I really want to like it, it shows promise, but it has big problems.
For instance…
SceneReader and GuiReader early on convert their file paths to absolute paths… This breaks the Cocos2dx res-dependant resource loading mechanism. It is easily fixed however.
But CocoStudio really needs to stop the crashes within its tools and embrace the multi-resource model of cocos2dx!
I’d like to help out with the code with the CocoStudio tools and the extension code…
How can I do this?

SceneReader Path Issue

I have just started to play around with this today, how are you able to load HD/SD res?


Still working some issues, but for a start you need to stop SceneReader and GUIReader.cpp from making calls to cocos2d::CCFileUtils::sharedFileUtils()>fullPathForFilename…
Then CocoStudio will try to load its assets from your search paths.
There is more to it though :


This seems to be alot of work, would you suggest to release SD and HD version of game?


Well, I’d just concentrate on making a HD version for now.
I’d make sure to pay attention to the different screen aspect ratios of devices early on though. I am make sure that all my UI elements are within a 4:3 sub-frame on a 1920x1080 design resolution. That way you avoid stuff going off the edges of the screen on iOs devices or having black bars at the edges…
Later you can decide how best to approach the SD version. Maybe a separate app or just deal with it using the in-built Cocos2dx mechanism. CocoStudio will, I expect play nice with this soon. This it what I will be doing…


I am beginning to think that is the best route then probably create a second SD app.