CocosDension setBackgroundMusicVolume BUG

CocosDension setBackgroundMusicVolume BUG
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To reproduce:

  1. Run tests on windows 7
  2. Run “play background music”
  3. Push “sub background music volume”

Music volume dont decreases


Thank you.
#1291 has been created for it.
And may be you should select “Category”.


Thanks for reply.
Have I not chosen category Windows?


I am sorry.
You select correct Category.
The information can not be seen in thread.


I’ve a working PR on this


Cocos2d-x 3.0 still not working on Win7

Sorry you get me wrong, I refer to the Thread Title…
I mean CocosDension setBackgroundMusicVolume still not working on Win7
My game run perfectly on win7 and android and I really like the new cocos console :slight_smile:

MfG Alex


What’s the error?
We have tested on Win7 before releasing.

Could you please describe the steps to reproduce it?