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The current win32 port for CocosDenshion has a few problems:

  • it’s very slow (think about a space shooter where each bullet makes a ‘pew’ sound… it temporarily brings down my app to about 30 - 40 fps, instead of the usual 60 fps)
  • it does not play multiple sounds (when the sound file doesn’t differ from the previous sound effect, CocosDenshion just rewinds it)
  • it locks up whenever you use an MP3 file for background music

Although I fully understand that Cocos2d-x.win32 is probably not meant to be used for production, it is a little annoying to not have the full experience while developing an app using Cocos2d-x. So I guess my question is: are there any plans to improve CocosDenshion for win32?


CocosDenshion are based on Win32 MCI Media interface now.
It has a lot of weak points, low efficiency, doesn’t support sound mixer, only support two audio format(wav and midi), …
The reason for decided to implement CocosDenshion using MCI on win32 is it’s very simple to use(only cost one day on it).

By now, after upgrade cocos2d-x to 0.99.5, we have plans to improve the performance of ocos2d-x on win32 platform, but the priority lower than iphone android and uphone.
So, optimistic estimates, implementation that after two months.


Nice :slight_smile: don’t rush it, win32 is indeed not as important as iPhone/Android/uPhone and for a one day job it’s great (much better than nothing at all!).