CocosDenshion sample crashes on Win32 with v2.1.5

CocosDenshion sample crashes on Win32 with v2.1.5
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Something is broken with regard to playing sounds on Windows using Cocos2dx v2.1.5.

I can build and run the sound tests in the sample with an older version of Cocos2dx, but with 2.1.5 the TestCPP.exe crashes when going to the Cocos Denshion sound tests.

Has anyone else experienced the same issue running under Windows?


So the sounds tests work if you build everything as is. However, if you change the Code Generation settings to NOT use the VS DLL’s then it locks up. I’m talking about using Multi-threaded Debug and Multi-threaded, instead of Multi-threaded Debug DLL and Multi-threated DLL.

This is important for us because we do not want to have issues with the VS Redist, so we link in our libraries to the EXE. This worked fine in older versions of Cocos2dx, but no longer appears to work with the latest.